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Golf Policy

Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

Please read Gull River Golf Club's Covid-19 Policies & Procedures Page before booking play or coming to the golf course. Thank you.

Lightning Policy
​​​​All golfers on the course or practice area must adhere to the Club's Policy of stopping play immediately and seeking shelter either on the course or coming back to the clubhouse when the horn is blown.  Play is resumed when the threat of lightning has passed and the horn is re-blown.  If the storm cell lasts a prolonged period of time and a golfer can not finish their round:

  • 1 to 5 holes played when horn is blown – 18 hole rain check voucher 

  • 6 to 12 holes played when horn is blown – 9 hole rain check voucher 

  • Past the 12th hole when horn is blown – your round is deemed to be complete

Cancellation Policy
12 hours notice is required for tee time cancellations of up to four golfers
24 hours notice is required for tee time cancellations for between five to eight golfers
36 hours notice is required for tee time cancellations for over eight golfers

Dress Code 
Golf attire, athletic or active wear are all perfectly acceptable.

Pace of Play
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled tee time and check in at the Pro Shop.
You are required to keep up with the group ahead of you.  Failure to do so could result in the Marshal instructing your group to skip a hole.

Alcohol Policy
No person can bring their own alcohol onto Gull River Golf Club property.  If a guest is found with his/her own alcohol they will not be welcome back.
Gull River Golf Club and Adjoining Restaurant will have zero tolerance for any intoxicated guest who is disruptive or abusive to other guests or staff.  Police will be called if necessary. 

Accessibility Policy
Gull River Golf Club strives to be a fully accessible property.  Please read out Accessibility Policy for more details.

Power Cart Policy
Operators of Power Carts must be of legal driving age.
The number of carts out in any group shall be the minimum number required, unless authorized by the Pro Shop.

Golfers Responsibility
Golfers are responsible for any property damage or personal injury resulting from inappropriate action or conduct.
If you witness inappropriate actions or Club violations, please report them to the Marshal or Pro Shop for immediate action.

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